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Welcome to the Ellerslie Toy Library. We are a non-profit incorporated society run by a committee of volunteers. We rely on all library members for support at events and fundraisers as subscriptions account for only a small part of the library’s operational costs. Members are also welcome to join the committee. Please let us know if you are interested to join.


The information below will assist you to use the library to its fullest capacity. Please keep it handy for future reference.


Library Opening Hours

Wednesdays from 7 - 8pm

Saturdays from 9 - 11am

We operate all year round except for some public holidays and part of the Christmas holiday period. 




Duty Membership $110 per annum and perform a minimum of four rostered duties per year (see Duties) and no part year subscriptionoption for rostered memberships.

Non Duty Membership $190 per annum, or $120 for 6mth subs or $80 for 3 mth subs

Trial Membership $20 for 4 weeks, with $50 refundable bond, no duties. 

Trial bond can be discounted from an annual membership fee if you choose to sign up at the completion of your trial.


Subscriptions and your assigned membership number are per family.

Please note – we only accept EFTPOS or bank transfer (cash-less) for fines and membership payments.




Thank you to those of you who have opted to do duties. The library would not be able to operate without your help.


Saturday– Arrive 8.45 am, to assist with set up, with the session finishing at 11.15am once tidy up is complete.


  • Select the dates you are able to assist from the duty roster. You can do this using the online system or in the library.
  • We would appreciate it if you did not bring your children when you are on duty.
  • If you are unable to do your duty on your selected day you must contact the librarian to make alternative arrangements, as soon as possible.
  • It is your responsibility to reorganise your duty with another member if you are unable to attend.
  • A minimum of four rostered duties must be completed during the period of your annual membership. Failure to complete all four duties by the end of your membership will result in a fine of $20 per incomplete duty (up to $80 if no duties are completed).
  • If you are booked to do a duty and do not turn up, a fine of $25.00 will be payable by the member and a further duty may be rostered in lieu of the missed duty


Borrowing and Returning Toys


  • Each family may borrow a maximum of five toys at a time.
  • You may borrow the toys for two weeks.
  • Toys will not be issued to members with outstanding fines or fees or overdue toys.
  • Please do not exchange toys with other members or friends, or borrow toys on their behalf.
  • All toys remain the property of the Ellerslie Toy Library.


Borrowing Toys:

  • Each toy has a unique library number. Every toy has been carefully catalogued and each toy piece fully described and engraved with its unique number. Each toy has a label attached to the box or plastic bag describing the contents and total number of pieces, except ride ons and single piece toys.
  • Before you take your toys to the librarian’s desk for issuing, please check them to ensure all pieces are there and are in good order. Once issued all missing pieces or damage will be the borrower’s responsibility.


Returning Toys:

  • As a member of the library you undertake to return toys in a good, clean condition with no missing or broken pieces.
  • When a toy is returned to the library it will be checked for the following:
    • Missing pieces
    • Broken/damaged pieces
    • Cleanliness
    • Labels intact


Cleaning and Caring for Toys


  • Cleanliness is extremely important. Please refer to our cleaning guidelines in your welcome pack.
  • If your child has been ill, use disinfectant for the cleaning agent.
  • After cleaning, DRY WELL and don’t put toys into the bags or boxes until they are dry
  • If you return any toy dirty, you will be asked to take it home to clean thoroughly and return the cleaned toy within the week. You will receive a $5.00 fine if you refuse to do so.
  • Most of the toys are in boxes or plastic bags. Please take care of these bags and boxes as they protect the toys and help them last longer. Damage to boxes and bags will incur fines.
  • Please do not leave toys outside at night.


Missing and Broken/Damaged Pieces


  • If pieces are missing the toy may be reissued for a further two weeks to enable you to find the piece.
  • If you discover a toy / bag / box is damaged, broken or has missing pieces at the library or as soon as you get home, please email toylibrary@gmail.comas soon as you notice it.
  • Toys break even in normal play and honesty is the best policy. Please do not attempt to fix damaged toys yourselves, one of our committee is responsible for this role.
  • Broken/damaged or missing pieces incur a fine of $10.00. However in some cases if the piece is an essential part of the toy/puzzle the committee may decide, and reserves the right, to increase the fine up to the replacement cost of the toy. If missing pieces are returned the fine will be credited to the member’s account.


Overdue Toys


  • If you have not returned your issued toys by the end of the two week loan period, you will receive a reminder email asking you to return the toys or renew them.
  • You can renew your own toys via the online system or by emailing the librarian.
  • If toys continue to be overdue with no contact from you, then they will incur a fine of $5.00 per week.
  • You will not be able to borrow any more toys until all overdue toys are returned.



Health and Safety


  • We are committed to our responsibility to proactively identify and manage all health and safety risks by taking all reasonable, practicable steps to provide safe equipment that is maintained to an acceptable and safe standard. Our members have a prime responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety while using our equipment and report any incidents that occur while using the equipment.
  • Toys are labelled with a recommended age for use and warnings where there are small parts or plastic bags that can pose a hazard.
  • You are encouraged to bring your children to the library with you when you are returning and borrowing toys. However, you are responsible your children while they are in the library. Please take particular care of them inside the store room where there are a large number of toys on shelves, and near the tables stacked in the storage room. These are not to be played on or around.
  • Please ask for help if you need it when carrying the toys back to your car.


Changes to/Termination of Membership


  • If you have another child or change your address or phone number, please tell the Librarian. It is essential for our register to remain up to date to maintain the correct toys for the number of children in that category and to also assist us with funding applications for grants.
  • Resignation of membership requires one month’s written notice. Refunds will only be provided for the quarter(s) relating to your membership year until its renewal/expiry date that have not commenced, as at the date of effective resignation.
  • Any member who has not paid the annual subscription as at the due date will be deemed to have resigned as a library member, and will not be released from unpaid fines or fees.
  • Any member who repeatedly loses toys or returns toys late or in a broken or dirty condition may have their membership terminated at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Repeated failure to do rostered duties may result in termination of membership.


This is your library and we need your ideas to make it work. Please tell us if you have any suggestion, queries or concerns.

You are most welcome to attend our monthly meeting. Contact a librarian if you are interested.

Any amendments to the rules will be notified through a newsletter to members.


I agree to abide by these Ellerslie Toy Library Operating Rules as outlined above and any other notified rules. I agree to pay all published fees and charges and understand these are non-refundable. I acknowledge that the Ellerslie Toy Library reserves the right to visit homes to reclaim overdue toys.

I have read and understood the rules relating to the Ellerslie Toy Library Inc.



I hereby assume complete and full responsibility for any and all injuries to any person or persons, which results in whole or in part from using the toys, I have borrowed from this library. I also assume complete and full responsibility for toys while in our custody and control. I hereby release the Ellerslie Toy Library from all responsibility for any injuries so sustained either outside or on the library premises.